Safelite replaced the crack in my Window

My Cell

No stopping on the freeway. A small rock bumps off the front car window glass. Looking over to the side a subtle crack appears on the glass. Kept on driving to work until noticing the crack expand little by little. Until about two-thirds of the window covered the frame a few days later. The crack wasn’t noticeable at a distance only up close driving anywhere feeling self-conscious if anyone took notice. No one would care to accept me. If I went out on a date would my date say something about the cracked glass? Possibly. Though after a whole year and ever baring crack the hell with it. If a new window is needed, a little money must be spent on a better replacement.

The car needed it.

Needed to find where to look I asked my pops where I could go for a window replacement. He knew a guy from a business card that runs a car window shop but couldn’t remember the name of the place. A year into the Coronavirus it is uncertain if that shop closed down. Added a little bit of frustration driving around a few months with that big crack in the front. There had to be a shop to perform the task. As a thought entered my mind a friend recommended Safelite. I asked him about Safelite. He sings me the little jingle.

It clicked. Took a minute to remember all those Safelite commercials through the years and get Safelite to replace my car window.

Looking online find the nearest Safelite window shop about 20 minutes away. Drive there walk inside toward the front desk as the assistant tells me the manager is not in today. All I could do was leave my name, number, and model make on my car so the manager can get back to me in a couple of days. No worries. Then about two days later my phone rings. The manager asks how he can assist me. Telling him about the crack in my window, model make(2005 Chevy cobalt), and the specs of the type of window that would cost me $400. Seems like a lot of money but anything is replaceable, scheduling to put in a new window the following Wednesday, 10 am. Was not crazy about how much the cost would be but it’ll save big on repairs.

Wednesday came around and I arrived thirty minutes early at the shop. Head inside to meet the manager. Give him my credentials, and model make, handing him the keys to my ride. As I kill time reading a book than an e-book on my phone. Read enough pages to set the book aside to walk around noticing outside an assembly line of various vehicle makes and cracked windows. Made me feel a little shocked seeing all these window cracks broken beyond repair with worse damage than the big long crack on my car.

A few hours go by and my new car window is installed. Get my receipt, and pay the $400 plus tax. Just as I’m about to walk out I needed to ask the manager a few questions. Questions about vehicle windows. How each vehicle gets a certain type of new window. The manager tells me depending on the model-make/design and age of the vehicle. Relies on how often the vehicle is commonly used, driven, and what vehicles are more commonly suited to get a replacement. Plus if the vehicle is much older, the cheaper the window replacement. if the vehicle is a few years old the more expensive window design to replace.

All together some things are a little pricey fix but worth the buy. Everyone could complain about costs and money gouging. Either way, shouldn’t make a big deal about getting a car fix or any other fix-it. Better safe than sorry realizing if I kept the cracked front window any longer, a cop could’ve pulled me over for a fix-it ticket. So spending a little more money for a non-cracked window was worth the trouble.

Thank you Safelite.



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